Do I need a website to become a date-connected affiliate?

Not all affiliate promote our program through their own website, you can also use PPC campaigns and various other forms of marketing are accepted.

For more information on this please contact us directly on,

How often will i get paid?

Payments are made automatically on the 1st and 16th of every month. To qualify for a payment we require you to have a minimum of $100.00 without your account.

All payments will be paid in USD $.

How will I get paid?

When you become a Date-Connected affiliate you will be presented with the following payment options;

  1. 1: Paypal
  2. 2: Wire / Bank Transfer
  3. 3: Check (Cheque)

Each of these will require the minimum account balance for payment. No fee’s are added on our for the above payments, when you log into your affiliate account please check the terms for more information.

How do I get started with Date-Connected?

Setting up a new affiliate account with Date-Connected is simple. To go directly through our system simply CLICK HERE and complete the easy join form. Your account will be approved within 24 hours.

Once approved you will receive a confirmation email containing your affiliate login details. This will then allow you to access your Date-Connected affiliate dashboard where you will find promo material, customized stats, daily sales, analytics and much more.

How can I view my stats?

Once your affiliate request has been approved you can log into your account with the details provided on your confirmation email.

You will then see a range of options for viewing stats, analytics, transactions, daily sales and more.